Different Perspectives

One thing we are always on the lookout for, are games that encourage unique and creative strategies.  The Coyote and The Hares game, is such a game.  In the game, players an opportunity to play one of two different roles, the single coyote role and the 12 hares’ role.  The goal of the 12 hares’ is to trap the single coyote so that it cannot move nor jump any of the hares.  The coyote’s goal is to eat enough hares that they will not be able to trap the coyote.

Each role requires a unique strategy and because of this it may take players a little while longer to develop strategies.

The Rules

  1. Arrange the markers as seen in the picture to the right. One partner is the 12 white “hares” and the other player is the single black “coyote.”
  2. Take turns. Both the coyote and the hares can move one space at a time, along a line, in any direction, as it is to an empty intersection (meaning no two markers can be at one intersection at the same time).
  3. The coyote captures a hare by jumping over it, like checkers, along a line to the next intersection which must be empty. Multiple jumps during a turn are allowed. Captured hares are removed from the board.
  4. A coyote must jump a hare if possible.
  5. A hare cannot jump over a coyote.
  6. The hares win if the hares corner the coyote so that it cannot move.
  7. The coyote wins if it captures enough hares so that they cannot corner him.


Taking The Game Further

Once players have had an opportunity or two to play the game and get used to it, you can make it a valuable learning experience by asking lots of questions.  If your not sure what to ask, check out the questions below:

  1. How does the coyote win?
  2. What are some strategies you could use as the coyote?
  3. How do the hares win?
  4. What does that situation look like?
  5. Which animal has the advantage? Why?
  6. How could we change the rules to make it more difficult for the coyote/ hares?


Building Mathematical Thinking Skills

By playing both roles of the game, getting used to the game, and then taking the game further by asking questions, you will build your and your student’s mathematical thinking.  To try the game out with your kids! Here’s the rules and gameboard:

The Coyote and The Hares PDF

Happy thinking! Enjoy!


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