Meet Emily and Joe

You could say we’ve been preparing our whole lives for this moment, the moment we take back math. We were born into the homes of passionate teachers and soaked up our parents’ love of learning and discovery – all of which emboldened us to pursue careers in education so that we, too, could help others find power and self-confidence through a true study of mathematics.

2015-03-14 11.17.06 Emily:

Emily’s pursuit of professional teaching began at Brigham Young University in its   Mathematics Education program. Soon, Emily’s mentor, Dr. Blake Peterson, author of  Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Contemporary Approach, asked Emily to  join him in his research and mentoring others in her program. There, Emily mastered  the art of teaching a deep, conceptual understanding of math focused on discovery,  problem solving and critical thinking. After three years of study, Emily moved to  Yuma, AZ to teach high school math. In 2012, Emily and her husband, Joe, moved  their family to Phoenix to begin mentoring  and empowering young children and their  parents in their studies of mathematics. Emily is living her dream of being a mom to  two amazing little girls and empowering students and families across the country.

2015-03-14 11.15.34  Joe:

Joe’s love affair with learning began at a young age, being the son of devout teachers.  As a volunteer missionary after high school, he developed a passion for effective and  impactful teaching. Joe studied Arabic and Middle Eastern Politics and History  at Brigham Young University and finding his way back to teaching through the  Arizona Teaching Fellows program. Joe was selected to teach high school math in San  Luis, AZ for two years where he challenged the traditional education system while he  and Emily continued to develop their ideas of what math education should look like.  After moving with Emily to Phoenix and teaching in one more year of high school  math, he joined Emily full-time in mentoring students and training parents in the  Discovery Method.  He is living his dream of empowering parents’ teaching and  illuminating students’ understanding of mathematics.