Traditional Math Is Lacking

Think back to your math experience.  It most likely involved a teacher modeling several problems on the board and then students whose only job was to copy those exact steps on different problems.  Sound familiar?

Traditional math is all about memory recall and in all honesty, requires very little actual brain thinking. So how do we elicit more thinking in our math no matter what program we are using?

One Simple Change

The most powerful thing you can change right now, today, with all of your kids to take your math program and their thinking to a whole new level is Logic Training.

We all want our kids to be and feel smart and confident and that doesn’t just “naturally happen” for most kids. It’s practically a scientific fact: consistent daily brain exercise increases neural connections, grows brain power and positively impacts all parts of the brain.

Implementing Logic Training

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to be CONSISTENT and CONSTANT. Like physical exercise strengthens the body, Logic Training strengths the brain. And the best part is, it only takes a few minutes a day.

For our students, we give them a new set of Logic Training puzzles at the beginning of each week and have them work 10-20 minutes per day on the puzzles beginning with the Beginner level and working their way up to Advanced. Check out the puzzles we’re giving to them this week:

If you like these, feel free to download all them!

Logic Training Beginner.pdf
Logic Training Intermediate.pdf
Logic Training Advanced.pdf

See The Change

I guarantee your kids will love doing these.  They may resist at first but once they taste the success of conquering such a challenge on their own, they always want more of that feeling. These puzzles are hard and their brains will actually hurt, but as they work through them daily, their confidence in doing hard things will rise, and their brain will be and “feel” stronger just like after physical exercise.

Where To Find Great Puzzles

There are a ton of sites across the internet where you can find other great logic puzzles to incorporate into your weekly math experience, here are a few of my favorite resources:

Have fun building better thinkers and elevating your math! Enjoy Logic Training!

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