Creating Mathematical Minds Parent Training Course

For Homeschool Families

Simply put, we want to parents to become amazing personal mentors for their students.  Creating Mathematical Minds was specifically created and designed for homeschool parents by homeschool parents.


At Your Own Pace

Whether you have the DIY drive or need a mentor along the way, we have a class that suits your personal needs on your personal schedule.  With email support and office hours, you’ll always have help when you need it.

Unlimited Online Access

Your access to the course is unlimited and infinite.  Yes, that means you’ll never lose access, ever!  Class materials are continually updated and you’ll always have access to the latest updated trainings, readings and content.

Key To Great Teaching = You

A great math curriculum + a bad teacher = a bad experience.  A bad curriculum + a great teacher = a great experience.  A trained mentor + a great math curriculum = a powerful, life-changing student experience.

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What Our Parents Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our parents do the talking!

The kids all look forward to math each week.  I’ve seen an increase in games being played during free time. Dice games, Uno card games – all things math. They were inspired immediately! It took one of my sons a week to discover how averages worked, but once he got it, he owned it and now it is his favorite. I would have just told him how, and he probably wouldn’t love it like he does now.

Leah Spencer

Mother of 5, Homeschool Co-Op Organizer

“Math Inspirations has changed my life. You can quote me on that!”

Nicholeen Peck

Mother of 4, Author, Founder of Teaching Self Government

One of the most important discoveries for us was this idea that we are not here to just teach and teach and teach, but that we allow the child to discover these truths behind math ,and they really get to understand these principles at a really deep level.

Scott Martineau

Father of 6, Author, Co-Founder of Infusionsoft

Everything You Need For Success

Our parent training course Creating Mathematical Minds is all about helping you become a powerful math mentor using the Discovery Method.  The course includes everything from email support to recordings of all sessions to readings for each week.  Oh, and we’re giving you access to an entire unit of curriculum as a member of the course! So with the course and the curriculum and so many other supports and supplements, you’ve got everything you need to take your homeschool math program to the highest level.

Become A Powerful Math Mentor

Our parent training course is all about YOU and doing everything we can to help you become a powerful math mentor for you children.

Recordings Of All Class Sessions

All the video trainings and resources of each class session are available through your Math Inspirations account forever, yep that’s infinity friends.

24/7 Email Support

We know you’ll have questions, we’ll always be here to help.  Participants in the parent training course get 24/7 email support (yes, Emily’s personal email) to help you in any way you need.

Includes Math Inspirations Curriculum Unit 2: Basic Operations

We want you to jump right in and apply and test what you are learning in the parent training course so to help you do just that, as part of the course you’ll receive access to an entire unit of our curriculum at no extra cost.

Complete Hands On Math Games Book

Families across the world have fallen in love with our games book.  We’ve collected the best math games around and you get all of them as an eBook when you sign up for the course.

One Year Access For Your Family To Weekly Logic Training

You’ll get access to weekly, customized logic activities, puzzles and exercises for all ages and abilities for a whole year.  Brain exercise is a vital part of a successful math program and we’ve searched for the best and now it’s yours.

*Inspire Package only

Access To The Creating Mathematical Minds Facebook Community

For all of you who love to have a community of support as you start this new math journey, as part of the course you’ll get access to our private Creating Mathematical Minds Facebook group and discussion board.

Weekly Live Jam Sessions

Meet every week live with Emily and other Math Inspirations families to get training on mentoring your students in specific topics such as hot to implement Logic Training, how to teach fraction multiplication, how to teach graphing and so on. Get access to every Jam Session we’ve ever had, recordings of all the sessions you miss and request specific topics for upcoming trainings. Every session ends with a live Q&A where you can get help for your specific family needs.

*Inspire Package only

10% Discount On All Curriculum

As part of the course, you’ll get an automatic 10% off all future curriculum unit purchases.

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Module 1: Discovering The Power Of True Mathematics

Ready for a paradigm shift? This lesson is designed to show you the power of true mathematics and how it differs from your traditional math educational experiences.  You’ll create your own view of what mathematics is and its importance in your home as well as explore and analyze different ways of learning mathematics. Finally, you’ll learn about NCTM content and process standards and what math skills should be focused on in your personal homeschool math program.

Module 2: Understanding Your Role As A Mentor

What really is your role as a math mentor? Is it to know everything and be the dispenser of math knowledge or something higher, more powerful?  In this lesson, you will understand your true responsibilities as a mentor in your child’s math learning.  You also learn techniques to remove the anxiety of math in your homeschooling and how to create excitement in your own exploration of mathematics.

Module 3: Knowing How And When To Intervene During A Struggle

Is struggle a bad thing in your home? Do you play “superhero” when your student gets frustrated?  Learn about the role of struggle and the power of mistakes and how to use it to create desire in your student.  Also, in this session you’ll develop the tools to mentor your student before, during and after struggles.

Module 4: Starting The Journey

How do I start this new math approach? Start by having a pre-interview with your student.  This session will then explore the power and purpose of games and how to use them effectively with all ages and abilities and how to know when your child is ready for deep math study.

Module 5: Introducing The Discovery Method

What is the Discovery Method and how is it different from any other math education approach? This module will help you understand the power of the Discovery Method and how it differs from traditional methodologies.  You’ll also see the Discovery Method on a macro, birds-eye-view scale to help you clearly define where we are starting, where we are trying to get to and how we are going to get there.

Module 6: The Discovery Method: Stage 1 “Discovery” Part 1

Here’s where we dive into the nitty gritty how-to’s and genius of the Discovery Method.  You’ll learn how to make a math plan for your kids, assess the quality of different online and offline resources and where to find them.  As well as how you and your student begin the discovery process.

Module 7: The Discovery Method: Stage 1 “Discovery” Part 2

What is problem solving and how in the world do I develop it in my student?  This lesson will enable you to clearly define problem solving, identify different problem solving techniques that your student can develop and most importantly, ask appropriate questions to elicit problem solving in your students.

Module 8: The Discovery Method: Stage 2 & 3 “Observation” and “Hypothesis”

This is the motherload, the key to it all.  You’ll learn how to help your student collect data, make observations, recognize patterns and begin creating hypotheses that explain the patterns they are finding.  These are the skills that will empower them in all areas of their lives and throughout their futures in any field of study or work.

Module 9: The Discovery Method: Stage 4 & 5 “Hypothesis Test” and “Theorem and Conclusion”

Your student has made observations and created a hypothesis they think describes the pattern as a whole, how can you test their hypothesis to see if it is an actual mathematical truth? In this lesson, you’ll dive deep into and experience the hypothesis testing and theorem development process as well as understand how the Discovery Method process concludes and begins anew.

Module 10: Making The Change In Your Home

Now you have all the tools and know how of how to execute the Discovery Method in your home, this is your chance to experience for yourself before you go to work on your student.  This session will also help you to understand and execute the six keys to best implement the Discovery Method in your unique homeschool math program.

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