Unit 4: Advanced Numbers

Students will explore new number families and representations of quantities in the forms of integers, percents and decimals and apply their basic operations theorems to master these new number families.  Upon completing this unit, students will have mastered all the number families in preparation for the study of advanced mathematical topics such as geometry and advanced operations.

Theorems Your Student Will Discover:

Decimal Numbers

How to read decimal numbers

How to change decimal numbers to fractions

How to change fractions to decimal numbers

How to add decimal numbers

How to subtract decimal numbers

How to multiply decimal numbers

How to divide decimal numbers


How to change percents to numbers

How to change numbers to percents

How to find the percent of a number

How to find a whole given the percent and the part of the whole


How to add with negative numbers

How to subtract with negative numbers

How to multiply with negative numbers

How to divide with negative numbers


Decimal Number



Positive Number

Negative Number

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