Unit 7: Advanced Operations

Students will observe and discover patterns and relationships to help them master new and powerful operations including: the order of operations, variables, exponents, radicals, scientific notations and factorials.  This unit will focus on challenging your student’s ability to observe patterns and test hypotheses in these difficult operations and all their intricacies, becoming true masters of their own discovery and independently fluent in the Discovery Method.

Theorems Your Student Will Discover:

Order Of Operations

How to solve problems with multiple operations (no exponents)


How to find the value of an expression with variables

How to add and subtract with variables

How to solve single-step equations

How to solve multi-step equations


Identity property of exponents

Multiplying with exponents

Dividing with exponents

Zero property of exponents

Negative property of exponents

How to solve problems with multiple operations, including exponents

Scientific Notation

How to write a number in scientific notation given its standard form

How to write a number in standard form given its scientific notation


How to calculate a factorial

How to divide with factorials




Like Terms

Exponent or Power




Scientific Notation


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