Math Inspirations Discovery Method K-8 Curriculum Designed For Homeschoolers

For Homeschool Families

The Discovery Method curriculum was developed by homeschoolers and designed specifically for homeschoolers.  Our curriculum relies heavily on the mentor-student relationship in providing experiences through which the student discovers mathematics in a way that is unique to them as an individual.

Flexible For You And You Kids

The Discovery Method curriculum is as flexible as it is powerful.  It is student centered and student driven.  The goal of the curriculum is to empower your student to be completely independent and 100% confident in their ability to solve difficult and never-before-seen problems.

Unlimited Online Access

Your access to each curriculum unit is unlimited and all the student work is printable from your online account.  Yes, that means no more buying a new workbook for every kid.  Each unit is continually updated and you’ll always have access to the latest updated materials and activities.

Focused Logic And Problem Solving

While most curriculums are entirely focused on memorizing math procedures and concepts, the Discovery Method curriculum is centered on developing your student’s logic and problem solving skills and helping THEM discover their own personal knowledge of mathematics.

Everything You And Your Student Need For Success

The Math Inspirations curriculum includes everything your student needs to have the most powerful experience and everything you need to mentor and support them – including student work for every stage of the Discovery Method, cumulative tasks for every topic and ability, supplemental activities and video tutorials for parents. Oh, and we’re constantly adding new materials for your student to explore and discover new ideas, patterns and problem solve.

Every Stage Of The Discovery Method

Student work for every stage of the Discovery Method for every topic.  Discovery story problems, observation, hypothesis creation and teaching, and theorem writing and testing.

Video Tutorials For Parent Mentors

Quick, clear video tutorials for parents for each stage of the Discovery Method, supplemental activities and tasks.

Engaging And Powerful Cumulative Tasks

Cumulative tasks for every topic for all students, organized by ability beginner, intermediate advanced.

Supplemental Activities For All Ages

Printable activities for students of all abilities to expand their exploration throughout the unit.

Unit 1: Number Sense

Students will build a strong foundation by learning to read, write and quantify numbers as well as explore and discover patterns and relationships in place value, shapes, measurement and comparisons of values.  They will be introduced to the Discovery Method and work through the process of developing their very first theorem, how to compare two or more values.

Unit 2: Basic Operations

Students will develop a true mastery of the meanings and representations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, factoring and division of whole numbers.  This unit is entirely focused on students utilizing and mastering the Discovery Method including making observations, writing hypotheses and proving their own theorems for each basic operation with whole numbers.

Unit 3: Fractions

Students will explore the concept of fractions and apply their basic operation theorems to these new numbers.  This unit is designed to help students utilize and apply the Discovery Method more independently all while creating theorems for adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with fractions of all kinds, as well as writing equivalent fractions and converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions.

Unit 4: Advanced Numbers

Students will explore new number families and representations of quantities in the forms of integers, percents and decimals and apply their basic operations theorems to master these new number families.  Upon completing this unit, students will have mastered all the number families in preparation for the study of advanced mathematical topics such as geometry and advanced operations.

Unit 5: Geometry

Students will grow their skills of visual perceptibility by exploring the world of visual mathematics, shapes, patterns, the coordinate plane, 2-D and 3-D shapes and compound structures, transformations and congruence.  Students, having previously mastered the Discovery Method process, are now able to apply it in this unit in its full power to discover and create theorems for complex algorithms such as the Pythagorean Theorem

Unit 6: Measurement

Students will discover relationships between different units of measure and how to utilize various tools to measure and quantify amounts, including volumes, lengths, currencies, temperatures, distances, time and weights.  Students will also develop theorems for estimations and utilizing ratios and proportions. This unit empowers students to explore the physical world around them and discover patterns and relationships in measurement methods and quantities, as well as the pros and cons of different measurement systems.

Unit 7: Advanced Operations

Students will observe and discover patterns and relationships to help them master new and powerful operations including: the order of operations, variables, exponents, radicals, scientific notations and factorials.  This unit will focus on challenging your student’s ability to observe patterns and test hypotheses in these difficult operations and all their intricacies, becoming true masters of their own discovery and independently fluent in the Discovery Method.

Unit 8: Statistics And Probability

Students will master the process of collecting, organizing and representing data and also understand how information can be used and displayed to make an argument.  This unit will also focus on developing your student’s ability to sample and experiment, analyze data and find patterns in that data to better understand the world around us.  Students will also explore basic probability and chance to make simple predictions of future events.

Purchasing and Accessing Curriculum

The Math Inspirations full k-8 student math curriculum is available only to parents who are enrolled or have completed the Creating Mathematical Minds Parent Training Course.  The Discovery Method is so different and revolutionary that without the 10 lesson parent training course, the curriculum would be wasted and used like any other traditional math program (aka just giving a textbook to your student and letting the book show them how to do everything).  After all, as powerful and amazing our curriculum is, without a trained, powerful mentor with the right vision and perspective, it will be a diminished experience for your student.  Unit 2: Basic Operations is included with the purchase of the parent course and access to each of the other 7 units can be purchased per unit, with unlimited, forever access for you and all your future needs from your account homepage. Yes, this does mean that a single purchase of a unit gets you access to that unit for all your kids, forever!

Ready To Get Started?

Join our parent training course today and get access to Math Inspirations curriculum, as well as video tutorials and other supplemental student activities and cumulative tasks.

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