Is your homeschool math program really training your children to create, think and problem solve for themselves? 

Math can be so much more than just memorizing calculations, basic facts and learning to follow someone else's directions. It can be the most pure, creative, self-owned experience of their education. It's time to create the math program you really want, get started today.

"I love math now. I finally feel like I am thinking for myself and not using someone else's way of figuring things out." - Josh, 13, Mesa, AZ

We believe math is the tool to train our brains to create, to observe and conjecture, to think and to discover.  

No one sat down with Newton and told him: "Here's how you do calculus Isaac...Step 1...Step 2..." Yet, that's how math has been, since the Industrial Revolution, and continues today to be taught- the I do, now you copy me method. This regurgitated math experience is based in memorization and procedures. There's not even a hint of independent thinking.

Rather, Newton observed patterns. He struggled. He hypothesized. He experimented. He failed. And then, he discovered. 

All of our students can, on their own and in their own way, do this too with every math concept and procedure you and I were just told and had to accept as fact from some teacher or book or online program. They can, in the truest meaning of the word, discover every math concept on their own using the scientific method.

What Do I Get In The Starter Kit?

Free 3 Part Video Trainings For Parents

These powerful 3 videos will open your mind to what math can be in your home. You'll even get access to whole sessions of our exclusive 10-week parent course.

Free Math Games From Our Games Book

The change in your home starts with making math time "fun time." We'll give you our best games, games that will inspire your kids of every age and get them thinking strategically.

Activities, Tips And Secrets To Growing Math Joy In Your Home

We'll send you weekly tips and activities that will help you and your kids fall in love with math and grow their confidence in doing hard things and build thier self-reliance.

What Homeschoolers Are Saying About The Starter Kit

"I just wanted to let you know that my 8-yr old daughter has discovered a love of chess now, because of your encouragement to play problem-solving games with our kids. She had never played the game until last week. Now she can’t get enough of it and she’s doing pretty well at it, too! This is the kid who “hates” math, but we’re realizing, loves strategic thinking. Thanks for helping us see that!"

Elizabeth, Aurora, Colorado USA

"Can I just start all my emails to you by saying how much I love Math Inspirations?? I feel like a broken record to my homeschooling friends telling them how much I love everything you do. We started school again last week and have been excited to get started!"

Annie, Orem, Utah USA.

"Also, I love your philosophy. I have been searching for the right way to do math with my very creative daughter, and I have only done games and naturally occurring math, because I felt like there was something coming soon that would just feel right. I didn't want to crush math for her worse than her two years in public school did. When I watched your videos, it all clicked. This is what I have been waiting for."

Lydia, Tuscon, Arizona USA

Math can be so much more than just memorizing basic factsand learning to follow someone else's directions. It can be the most pure, creative, self-owned experience of their education.

Mathematics is an innately creative and discovery based process. All math understanding is founded upon very simple laws and truths. This means that all of math can be discovered and created using our unique individual ability to think logically and problem solve. All mathematical truths have been discovered. No one sat down with Newton and taught him: “here’s how you do calculus.” He studied. He observed. He struggled. He hypothesized. He experimented. He failed. And then he discovered. All of our students can, and will, if given the opportunity, discover, on their own and in their own way, every mathematical truth, rule and procedure. No longer is the textbook or the online program or the teacher or the parent the “all-knowing math authority,” that the student is 100% dependent upon, the student has now become their own authority. 

The Discovery Method is based on the principles of the scientific method: students observe patterns, hypothesize rules, test their working-hypothesis, prove their own theorems, and record their findings in their own journal. When they need help or forget a rule later on, they look to their own record as the authority. Now, they own their knowledge! They are their own math authority. They have become self-reliant.

It's Time To Create The Math Program You Really Want

We believe in the power of math to create great thinkers. We believe in parents who take on homeschooling and seek to provide the most powerful education for their kids.

We would not be doing this if we didn't believe that the Discovery Method is the single most powerful tool in the world for teaching mathematics and creating self-reliant thinkers. If you choose later to not want the Starter Kit, or any of our emails, no hassels, we can part as friends :) 100% Guaranteed.

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