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Logic Training and Jam Sessions Weekly Live Trainings

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I LOVE math now!  I finally feel like I am thinking for myself!

Josh, 14, Arizona

Weekly Logic Training

Our brains are like our muscles, strength comes from consistent, focused effort that pushes you to your limits.  When your brain is exercised properly, you should literally feel brain exhaustion.  Brain exercise strengthens your student’s neuroplasticity and increases neural connections in your student’s brain.  Most math programs don’t include any dedicated brain training, but by joining our parent training course Creating Mathematical Minds, you’ll get access to weekly, focused logic training for your and your kids.


Weekly Logic Activities

Every week, you’ll get tons of new activities and puzzles to supplement your homeschool math program and grow your student’s logical reasoning and problem solving skills.

For All Ages And Abilities

Logic tasks are divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels so that you and all your kids can grow your brain power as a family.

Only The Best

You’ll get only the most engaging, effective and fun logic tasks along with parent video tutorials to help you maximize your student’s brain growth.

Inspire. Think. Discover.

Jam Sessions Weekly Parent Training And Q&A Sessions

Continue Your Learning

Meet every week live with Emily and other Math Inspirations families to get training on mentoring your students in specific topics such as how to implement Logic Training, how to teach fraction multiplication, how to teach graphing and so on.  

All Access Pass

Get access to every Jam Session parent training we’ve ever had, recordings of all the sessions you miss and request specific topics for upcoming trainings.

Q & A Sessions

Every Jam Session training ends with a live Q & A session where you can get help for your specific family needs and unique student experiences.

Ready To Get Started?

Join our parent training course today and get access to Math Inspirations curriculum, as well as video tutorials and other supplemental student activities and cumulative tasks.

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