We enable parents to inspire self-reliant problem solvers through a fun, engaging homeschool math program.

The Math Inspirations Philosophy

Mathematics has gone missing and has been hijacked by endless, empty procedures and repetition. Individual discovery and deep conceptual understandings of mathematical truth have been taken hostage by heartless pursuits of the “right answer.” Too often the pursuit of the right answer overwhelms the critical processes and thinking that are so much more essential to developing confidence and true fluency in mathematics.

The way math is taught to children today hasn’t changed in the last hundred years. The lecture starts, the instructor demonstrates example problems on the board, maybe explaining a few foreign math terms or short cuts, and then poof! – the students are now expected to regurgitate the same procedures and problems dozens of times over and over. This is the copy and paste method of math and it can be found in every math classroom in every school, in person or online, because it produces easy, immediate and tangible results.

In this age of instant gratification, copying and pasting tends to placate most. However, there are several flaws to this method. First and foremost, it takes all original and creative thought away from the student. There is no discovery, no passion and no unique independent thought. If math is supposed to be about solving problems, then students need to have the opportunity to problem solve. The copy and paste method also harmfully teaches students that there is only one way to think about a problem and obtain a solution. No two students think the same way. No two students learn the same way. As a result, when one method to add fractions was taught to you, and you’re thinking “this doesn’t make any sense,” you began to believe you were “not good at math.”

We believe math students should be engaged in constant problem solving. Mathematician, John Wesley Young , said “It is clear that the chief end of mathematical study must be to make the students think.” Opportunities to struggle with difficult questions create unique critical thinking skills and builds students’ ability and confidence to attack and solve any problem they face. They learn that they can be self-reliant and don’t need to be told how to do something in order to accomplish a task.

The right math experience is challenging, purposeful and fun, while meeting your unique, individual goals and aspirations. Math Inspirations exists to teach students and parents to take ownership of their math experience and empower them with a system to make their efforts fruitful. Engaging math games, true discovery-based, process and concept-driven math, combined with asking the right questions at the right times, is the recipe for taking back math. Here we come math, we are here to rescue you!