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The kids all look forward to math each week.  I’ve seen an increase in games being played during free time. Dice games, Uno card games – all things math. They were inspired immediately! It took one of my sons a week to discover how averages worked, but once he got it, he owned it and now it is his favorite. I would have just told him how, and he probably wouldn’t love it like he does now.

Leah Spencer

Mother of 5, Homeschool Co-Op Organizer

“Math Inspirations has changed my life. You can quote me on that!”

Nicholeen Peck

Mother of 4, Author, Founder of Teaching Self Government

One of the most important discoveries for us was this idea that we are not here to just teach and teach and teach, but that we allow the child to discover these truths behind math ,and they really get to understand these principles at a really deep level.

Scott Martineau

Father of 6, Author, Co-Founder of Infusionsoft

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