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Sheralee H.

Alberta, Canada


“I just wanted to let you know how invigorating your parent course has been for me and your games and logic training have been for our whole family. 

I began exploring Math Inspirations after being introduced this summer to Paul Lockhart’s “Mathematician’s Lament.” It resonated with me, and I began looking for something to revitalize our math approach of my last four years of homeschool. Your curriculum offers my family and me such an exciting opportunity to discover the music and artistry, the elegance and playfulness, the frustration and supreme satisfaction that can be REAL math

My boys and I LOVE playing together in our game book. I love our logic training puzzles! My eight-year-old son inevitably beats me, but I won’t let him give me any hints until I have struggled, taken breaks, come back, and finally broken through to my own discovery. The experience intoxicates me and keeps me coming back for more. My relationship with my boys is growing stronger as we play more together. And I am growing so much through the parent course readings! If it appears that I am moving sluggishly through my class, it is only because I have read Stuart Brown’s Play and I am listening to Liz Wiseman’s Multipliers. What a fantastic stretch this is offering me to lay down my diminished habits and develop the practices of one who creates and multiplies genius! Our family councils, I hope, will never be the same! I have the other readings on order at our library, and I can’t wait to juice them for everything they’re worth.

I went into this anticipating an improvement to our math curriculum. But what I am receiving is a personal metamorphosis in my ability to parent! Now I am pursuing this course as a means to develop my personal ability to embrace life’s challenges, rather than run from them; to define and seed the opportunity in my difficulties and to logically, creatively reason and test solutions. Who knew a math class could teach parenting, leadership, and self reliance?! I just couldn’t be more thrilled. And then your personal touch yesterday, hand written card and everything, just iced this scrumptious cake for me.”

The kids all look forward to math each week.  I’ve seen an increase in games being played during free time. Dice games, Uno card games – all things math. They were inspired immediately! It took one of my sons a week to discover how averages worked, but once he got it, he owned it and now it is his favorite. I would have just told him how, and he probably wouldn’t love it like he does now.

Leah Spencer

Mother of 5, Homeschool Co-Op Organizer

“Math Inspirations has changed my life. You can quote me on that!”

Nicholeen Peck

Mother of 4, Author, Founder of Teaching Self Government

One of the most important discoveries for us was this idea that we are not here to just teach and teach and teach, but that we allow the child to discover these truths behind math ,and they really get to understand these principles at a really deep level.

Scott Martineau

Father of 6, Author, Co-Founder of Infusionsoft

Here Are The Words Of More Amazing Parents Having Powerful Experiences With Math Inspirations

“Just as I was thinking that you could market this as truly *life* changing, transformative stuff, the ladies in your class expressed the same thoughts. I expect my relationship with my daughter to be better because of what I have learned. My older boys, especially the oldest, say things like, “Oh, you have to say that~you’re my Mom” when I encourage them that they can do something hard. They tend to discount me and their own abilities, despite their own accomplishments along the way. Because my daughter will learn for herself DAILY that she is capable, I won’t have to remind her of the “big” things. That is priceless!” –  Patricia, Jasper, Georgia

“My 7 year old son has been doing Saxon math for over a year. He started out in Saxon 54 (which is for 4th/5th graders) and did really well initially. But just over half way through the textbook he hit a mental roadblock. He went from “math wiz” to tears and meltdowns daily. He was miserable and so was I so I threw away Saxon. I just watched the first 2 parent lessons this morning. We have been playing Krypto for the last half hour and to my surprise he loves it and beats me half of the time. He is begging me to keep playing. But I had to take a moment and share my excitement with you. And thank you for making math joyous again, instead of dreaded.” –  Erika, Chesapeake, Virginia

I had to shelf the nonogram that was mailed during our first weeks with Math Inspirations. I didn’t want to struggle and be frustrated…This morning, after weeks of doing logic games and puzzles, I pulled it out again and finished it in 5 minutes! I’m loving how this learning/mind training translates across so many things!  It makes me want to do challenges between my husband and I to do word nonograms, what a fun way to puzzle! Thanks again for this great program! –  Emily,  North Salt Lake, Utah

“Also, I love your philosophy. I have been searching for the right way to do math with my very creative daughter, and I have only done games and naturally occurring math, because I felt like there was something coming soon that would just feel right. I didn’t want to crush math for her worse than her two years in public school did. When I watched your videos, it all clicked. This is what I have been waiting for.” – Lydia, Tucson, Arizona

“Can I just start all my emails to you by saying how much I love Math Inspirations?? I feel like a broken record to my homeschooling friends telling them how much I love everything you do. We started school again last week and have been excited to get started!” – Annie, Orem, Utah

“I want you to know that Math Inspirations has changed my life!  You can quote me on that.  I keep telling people about it even though I am not finished with the course yet.” – Nicholeen, Toole, Utah

“Thank you so much, Emily, for teaching me how to step back and allow them to struggle; for showing me that it is the process that counts and not getting the right answer by doing the problem in only one specific way.  My children’s independence and self-confidence is already growing.”  – Nicole, Apple Valley, Utah

“My husband and I are Baha’i, and some of the major principles in the Baha’i writings include letting kids go through hardship (struggle!) and “independent investigation of truth” — the ability of everyone to logically analyze (religion, etc.) and find truth — so I can’t tell you how much I appreciate a math program which will develop these skills for them. Also, Baha’i writings show how children and youth have the potential to become “the light of the world” — they have the capacity to transform their communities. Your method encourages this type of knowledge for kids that they can do so much on their own. So, from a very personal perspective, your program is helping us be better Baha’i parents as the ideas you bring out go along with what we are trying to teach them and how we’ve tried to teach all other subject (we just hadn’t figured out yet how to do this with math.) Now we know how to better teach them in general, too, thanks to you sharing your guidance. And yes, your program will help change the world”. –  Amy, Arizona

“I could write a novel about this program, but in a nutshell – this is the first math program that I’ve tried that doesn’t make me want to kill myself.   In fact, it’s actually kinda fun and creative. It’s not a math program where you send your kid off to a quiet corner to do their math. Oh no! This is a shared math experience. It’s called the discovery method and I love it. But the best part – Emily, creator of Math Inspirations, has expanded her website to offer teacher training, logic games, and continues to have office hours where I can call AND TALK TO HER if I have questions. Is there any other math curriculum that offers this kind of support? Um, no. Not that I’ve heard of.  So yeah – Math Inspirations. Definitely my favorite thing this week.” – Sherral, Safford, Arizona

“Oh my goodness! I had to let you know that this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! I already know that this is going to be so worth it.” – Christi, Spokane, Washington

“I love math now. I finally feel like I am thinking for myself and not using someone else’s way of figuring things out.” – Josh, 13, Mesa, AZ

“I just wanted to let you know that my 8-yr old daughter has discovered a love of chess now, because of your encouragement to play problem-solving games with our kids. She had never played the game until last week. Now she can’t get enough of it and she’s doing pretty well at it, too! This is the kid who “hates” math, but we’re realizing, loves strategic thinking. Thanks for helping us see that!” – Elizabeth, Aurora, Colorado

“Thank you for helping change my thinking so I can help shape my kids!” – Jessica, South Jordan, Utah

“I just bought the course!! I’m really excited. ? I just printed out a TON of the logic papers and I’m handing them out to the troops to work on while we travel to the sea this week!! Thanks soooo much Emily. I love math and am really looking forward to mentoring math in this new and wonderful way!” – Amber, Provo, Utah

“Thanks so much for your course.  I LOVED it.  You really changed my life with this class.  Thanks again.” –  Crista, American Fork, Utah

“I am currently attending a LEMI Training in SLC and coincidentally ran into somebody on Trax who is taking your class.  We started talking about teaching math, and without knowing that I was signed up for your class, she started telling me all about your methodology and how great your course is.  I couldn’t have agreed with her more and that was with only viewing 3 of the classes. I think that it speaks volumes for you and what you are doing that I ran into this lady and she couldn’t help but tell me about Math Inspirations.  Thanks for all you do.  You are changing lives.” – Kalie, Cedaredge, Colorado

“I wanted you to know that my children have really enjoyed playing the math games.  My older three (10,13, and 14) have also been helping me do the homework problems that you’ve been giving us.  We’ve had moments while doing the Squares and the Krypto challenge when they’ve told me that it was too hard and impossible to figure out.  When they have gotten to this point, I have told them, in your words, “You are warriors!  You can do hard things!  Don’t give up!”  With the Krypto problem, we actually had to set it aside and try again the next day because they were getting too frustrated.  But guess what?  The next day, each of them figured out their own solution to the Krypto problem.  I could tell that they felt very proud of themselves.  My ten year old has her own way of thinking.  In the past, she would often figure out math problems in a completely different way than I had taught her how to do them.  Then I would tell her, “Good job on getting the right answer, but I want you to show me that you can do it in the way that I taught you.”  This time, her Krypto answer was super complex with square roots and powers all over the place.  I was able to cheer over her unique way of figuring out the problem and she was beaming.  Thank you so much, Emily, for teaching me how to step back and allow them to struggle.  For showing me that it is the process that counts and not getting the right answer by doing the problem in only one specific way.  My children’s independence and self-confidence is already growing.”  – Nicole, Syracuse, Utah

“Well, our month of Math is on fire!!!  We’re having fun….the kiddos just want to play and play.  And their, and my, brains are rapid-firing.  Very exciting!  Hope you’re doing well.  I have a friend taking the course you’re delivering now and she’s so excited.  Just want you to know that your name and “philosophy” is getting “out” there.  You’re the buzz right now in the educational realm and it’s no wonder.  I, for one, am always so excited to talk about your program and enjoy implementing the things I’ve learned.   Everyone I know, now, knows about you and your program.  It’s truth – meant to be shared.  I feel like your class is my core book for mathematics, logical thinking….I’m sure I’ll continue to review the principles I’ve learned as I’m doing now.  I’m grateful for the open access to the things we learned in the class.  It’s a lot to take in through one dose of classes.  Thanks again, Emily!!! – Nicole, Apple Valley, Utah

“Thanks so much for the opportunity to participate in your course. I greatly enjoyed it and the opening up of my own thinking as well as that of my son. I look forward to continued effort in applying what I’ve learned.You’re doing a great thing, and I want to encourage you to keep going as your busy life as a mom allows.” -Jerilynn, Pleasant Grove, Utah

“Played Poison with my 11yo last night and he loved it and he kept winning and he just said how much fun it was. Thank you!” – Amy, Meridian, Idaho

“Thank you so much, I have been enjoying learning this method of teaching and learning math.  This is how I have always felt math, and everything else, should be learned but never had the guidance and support in implementing it.  I’m grateful that my kids are taking to it so quickly!  Maybe it’s because we’ve done similar things all through the years anyway.  So, thank you so much to you and your husband for taking the time and being so dedicated to helping other families.  I’m loving it!” – Kerilyn, Morgan, Utah

“We have had so much more peace and harmony in the house once I let go of the math drills…he has figured out multiplication on his own!  How fun to watch.” Kimberly, Ogden, Utah

“Today was the greatest day! My 9 year old son figured out how to multiply 2 digits by one. I am beaming. I’m more excited than he is. Up to this point we have been covering things he already learned in school. He started learning multiplications facts last year. We finished the addition unit and then he really wanted to start the multiplication. So when we got to this sections I was nervous, and excited to see how this first real test would go. He was actually working on a supplement activity and started by figuring out how to multiply by 10. I’m attaching his scrap paper, of him working it out. It starts in the middle column goes to the right column then skips back to the left. I really didn’t help him or tell him what to do. He’s been complaining that he wasn’t ready to move on to this, and that he doesn’t know how to do it. I’m so happy he figured it out. Great math day! Just wanted to share our success today. I hoped it would eventually happen, so glad it did. I’ve had your words in my head that they WILL figure it out. So glad we are getting to experience that. I know their confidence will just continue to grow. Thanks so much for your help!” – Corynn, Las Cruces, New Mexico

“Thank you!  I can tell this is going to revolutionize math in our home!” – Carrie, Houston, Texas
“I wanted to share with you that we have only been playing Krypto this week. On Monday my 12 yo son grumbled and grew quite frustrated. Yesterday he sat at the table and played for about an hour. I did notice (but didn’t say anything) that he mainly used addition and subtraction. I offered him a larger dice to roll (we used dice to come up with all 6 numbers as an element of fun) the number and he only tried it once and decided it was too hard so he went back to the smaller numbers. He can solve the smaller ones very quickly and I wanted him to bask in that success.  Looking forward to finishing class 4!” – Tracy, Fairbanks, Alaska
“Thank you for your insight! I hadn’t considered that she was going fast because she’s confident but it makes a lot of sense. I will keep it in mind going forward and definitely encourage looking over work before turning it in. Ironically, when I received your email, my daughter was in the middle of doing division problems, just for FUN!  She sat there for at least an hour of her own time, not school time, working through problems, which she never would’ve done before homeschooling and Math Inspirations. I am SO thankful for your program–the discovery method has given her a new relationship with and appreciation for math and her own abilities.” – Elizabeth, Aurora, Colorado

“I just wanted to share that my daughter found HER way of doing subtraction of double-digits today! WOW!!!!!! So different from traditional way….but made me see that she WILL figure it out!!! Here’s what she did:


8-5= 3 


We still need to make sure it fits in every situation. But my mind is boggled!!!” – Joy, Mead, Colorado

“Can I just say that I love you!  Thank you so much.  We are going to LOVE these logic puzzles!  You just saved me a ton of time, plus I know that you are only giving me the best.  I love the leveled logic puzzles so they are challenging for each of my kids.  Thanks, Emily!  Keep the great stuff coming!  Thanks for inspiring!  You are amazing to do all that you do!  Thank you for blessing our lives!” – Shauna, Morgan, Utah

“I just wanted to let you know that my 8-yr old daughter has discovered a love of chess now, because of your encouragement to play problem-solving games with our kids.She had never played the game until last week. Now she can’t get enough of it and she’s doing pretty well at it, too! This is the kid who “hates” math, but we’re realizing, loves strategic thinking.Thanks for helping us see that!” – Elizabeth, Aurora, Colorado
“We just finished playing “all aboard.” I was so surprised how well it went. I have 4-11 and they all LOVED it. I was surprised how quickly my 6yr old figured out what the dice looked like so he could add quicker instead of counting each dot. I’m excited for the other games and to continue through the course. Thank you!” – Shirlyn, St. George, Utah

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